Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Cutest Recital You've Ever Been To

The recital was so fun! The students performed really well and really showed what they've learned.

The first year students showed that they've learned the Major scale, solfeg hand signs, how to accompany the group on the bells and how to sing in harmony with "Do, Re, Mi!" They sang and performed more harmony while playing a rhythmic ostinato on the tone bells with "Are You Sleeping." They showed that they've learned how to play a chord on the bells in an ostinato while accompanying the other classes with a folk song, "Old Paint." The children also learned how to read six rhythms and had fun doing so by chanting their piece about bugs! The last number in the program was their performance to a classical piece of music.
minor character
They learned major and minor tonalities and are learning how a piece of classical music is composed by recognizing different themes! These children are becoming brilliant musicians!

The second year students demonstrated how they've applied what they learned in to first year of Let's Play Music to the piano in the second year! The students began their recital by beautifully singing their song that taught them the music alphabet. They continued by demonstrating their piano skills and concepts of chords and intervals! They accompanied themselves with the primary chords and intervals on the keyboards with, "Turtle Shells!" This year they added to their repertoire of rhythms, the dotted-quarter eighth-note rhythm! They love playing the song that taught them this called, "I'm an Indian!" The recital continued with a piece of music that teaches the basic fact that if the students practice everyday, they'll learn many songs! This is a difficult piece that combines all the skills they've learned and they played it so wonderfully! The students also got to demonstrate their skill of singing more complex harmony and concluded the recital with an expressive interpretation of Johannes Brahams’ Hungarian Dance No. 5! Such smarties, these kids :) They are just so fun to watch! At next year's recital these children will be performing their own composed pieces!

See you next year!
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