Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How many keys are there?

We introduced some magic in class today! "If you add a black key (a sharp, or a flat key), like magic [the key] will change before you know!" So the question in class today was, "How many keys are there?"

Me: (Oh, I know this. I know this) "Um, let's see... BEADGCF = 7, times 2 for the sharps = 14. 14 keys. I think. :)" (It's been a while since Music Theory 101)

Them: shrug :) and nod

Me: "They learn 3 this year, and with these 3 mastered, all the rest will be understood and will come naturally." (yay for me! ... and theory! and children's minds! and Let's Play Music!)

With that being said, here's the answer anyway :) 26 keys. 13 major and 13 minor.

Hungry for more? Here's a lovely circle of fifths I found. You can find the key of F Major in the pea green.
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