Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Music Aptitude

If music aptitude were a bucket. . . 
start filling your child's bucket early!

"Edwin Gordon, a preeminent music educator and researcher, states that 'Music aptitude is a product of both innate potential and early environment experiences. . . regardless of the level of music aptitude with which children are born, they must have early formal and informal experiences in music in order to maintain the level of potential. Otherwise, the level of music aptitude they may be born with will never be fully realized in achievement . . . . (a child's) innate music aptitude, be it high or low, will diminish, possibly vanishing to almost nothing, without an early stimulating music environment.' ("All About Audiation and Music Aptitudes," Music Educators Journal, No. 41, Sep. 99)" 
Where I found it: (Music Is Important for Young Children, 
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