Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The end of the year recital is next week! Yay!

The students are working so hard and are getting excited to show their families how much they've learned!
Yellow Indians

The second year students have learned how to play the piano among many, many other things! They'll be showcasing: 

*their knowledge of the music alphabet and how it applies to the keys on the keyboard!
*their understanding of intervals. How they sound, look on the staff and keyboard, and how to play them!
*their knowledge of the downbeat and the three primary chords and how to play them in a marching style!
*playing hands together in a minor key with a dotted-quarter eighth-note rhtyhm!
*how they can  harmonize with three layers of sound!
*and finally, their comprehension of classical form and themes with a fun puppet show!
Orange Roots

The third year students have been working (playing) hard to compose a masterpiece! They've each written their own piece with all the knowledge they've accumulated over the past three years! and they are wonderful! They are well on their way to becoming complete musicians.

I'm excited for them and am looking forward to the big day!

To take a better look into what they've learned, check out our website at
Here's a great page of bios of the first Let's Play Music graduates and what they're up to these days.
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