Thursday, March 18, 2010

Freeze Dance!

pic from here

Carson, my parents, and I were playing a silly game a few months ago and I was reminded of it with this article on Kindermusik's blog. (I did Kindermusik with Carson for 2 semesters and loved it for toddlers.) I just love how babies and toddlers can get ANYONE to do ANYTHING as silly as it might be!! Tangent here. . . I was at the produce market with my 5 month old in the cart. She was blowing rasberries and flashing smiles to anyone who'd look at her. Before I knew it, someone razzed right back at her! In a crowded market! It's great fun to see what we'll do for the babies :)

Back to the awesome game. . . There was some great kids' music playing and Carson had both his grandparents up and dancing the way he was. Before too long, it was turned into a game! He'd yell "Stop" and they'd all freeze in whatever position they were in. I was cracking up!

I knew he was learning great lessons with this activity, just couldn't put my finger on it until I read this, "you'll be helping to develop your child's physical control and something called "inhibitory control," or his or her ability to start and stop behaviors (Kindermusik blog)"

By pausing the dancing and starting again, he was developing his inhibitory control! I'm getting the feeling we should play this game more often to help with his preschooler impulses and his ability to be in more control when he knows he needs to stop doing something.

Bring on the kiddy music and dancing!
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