Friday, March 5, 2010

Fun Practice Ideas Plus Other Helps

For you Orange Roots...

Are your children working on their inversions now? Here's a fun idea to do at home to keep those practice sessions upbeat and positive. 
Put 3 small candies, such as Smarties, on the keyboard in the form of the first chord. For the red chord (aka C or I chord!) they'll be on CEG. Then have them move the candies on up the keyboard! The note on the bottom moves up an octave until you form the original chord an octave higher!

Learning is always more fun with candy ;)

Do they need more work on naming the notes with the flashcards? YES :) we all do :) Take on the challenge yourself!

Have your child trade you places, get his finger ready on the timer, and get ready to flip those flashcards for you! He'll have fun challenging you, then you can split your cookie reward with him for helping :)

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