Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Benefits of Music For Your Child

As if you weren't already sold on the lasting benefits of music on your child :) I got an e-mail from Gymboree Play & Music with some of their info. Hilighted was a great and simple list of benefits.

*Singing, dancing, playing Instruments & musical games encourage peer interaction, creativity & self esteem.

*Multi-sensory musical activities support intellectual, physical & social-emotional development.

*Songs, movement & listening activities build memory, language & thinking skills.

*Rhythm patterns, musical form, beat & melody crate neural connections that literally grow the brain.

Pretty cool, huh?! Let's Play Music takes it all to the next level with teaching 5-9 year-olds musical concepts and skills on the piano so they can continue to grow musically and receive even more amazing benefits!
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