Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Parent Testimonials: Let's Play Music!

One "Green Turtle Shell" (second year of LPM) mother says about practicing with her son and the Let's Play Music curriculum:

"I’ve really enjoyed sitting at the keyboard with him.  Not only is it necessary to help him, but I feel like I’m “relearning” some important basics in a much more useful way.  I think I would have enjoyed my own piano lessons so much more if I’d been prepped the way Let’s Play Music students are.  It’s such a great program, and you are such a great teacher!  Thanks for all you do –"

She adds this about her son's well-trained ear for tonalities:

"Last Sunday, our primary was learning a new song for the upcoming Christmas sacrament program.  After the music leader sang it through for the kids, Tate raised his hand and said, “That’s in a minor key.”  The music leader and a few other adults in the room were floored.  A few of them came up to me afterward and asked me how in the world he would know that!  I can honestly say it’s because of LPM J  When a child applies a concept to multiple settings, you know that he is truly learning!  It is exciting for me to see as his mom."

Yay for Tate! and Yay for Let's Play Music!
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