Sunday, February 6, 2011

Making Musicians-Youtube video to boot!

Have you been to Making Musicians lately? Just found this video posted there and it made my night! LOVE it!
This video is killer! This child is right in the beginning of the "Music Window". I've just copied and pasted a few of the comments left on youtube below.
ENJOY till the end!

  • His musicality is amazing. I love this kid!
  • May we all be so overwhelmed by our own inner joy! Exquisite and inspiring to watch him be so in tune with the music. :)
  • I hope the NY Phil get a hold of this and let him come conduct sometime!
  • Awww, he is so amazing !
  • Who is this adorable genius? Is his father a symphonic conductor?
  • Absolutely amazing! Very precocious little guy!great sense of rythm!
    Made me forget my pains lying down in my hospital bed... Bravo, bravo!
  • BRAVO! BRAVO!!!!!!
    Congratulations on making your son enjoy SO MUCH classical music. Let it be always for joy! !!!
  • He loves what he's doing so much that his joy leaps out at you and you can't help but smile, such a precious little boy.
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