Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Parent Testimonial: solfeg patterns

I was excited to hear about one little cutie and how she discovered she could play the solfeg patterns on the piano! She was playing around on the piano and played some notes that sounded like her patterns from class! She got excited and said, "Look mom, I can play sol, la, ti, do on the piano!" It's just so great that these kids are excited about music!

Her ears are very sensitive to sounds at this age (4-5) and Let's Play Music takes advantage of that by doing lots of ear-training. Using Kodaly techniques and solfeg patterns is one of the ways we do this.  Briefly, Solfeg patterns help the ear to hear a tonal center. They also train us to audiate. Audiation means to hear music in our heads without seeing it written down first or hearing it first. This is necessary for singing in tune and singing in harmony with others.
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