Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Road Trip Entertainment

My dad, 2 kids, and I traveled to small town, USA, aka Delta, Utah to celebrate the 4th with family this year!

I was sure to pack some movies, books, toys, and music for the 10 hour drive (12 w/ these kids :). One of the CD's we listened to was Baby Einstein's Playtime Music. The kids really love it!

We listened to Carson's favorite song about 20 times! One of the songs was the William Tell Overture. We were stopped at a construction site for a little while, so I started doing our puppet show (no puppets, just actions), The Fox Hunt for the kids. What a great trick to have up my sleeve to boost spirits and make the wait painless! They then requested, "I want the dog one!" Gave a little variety to the songs they wanted to listen to too. :)

 We had LOADS of fun while we were there! 
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