Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Recession, Reschmession

ha ha . Like that? I'm a nerd :)

Let's not let the economy interrupt your child's music education! A solid education in your child's young life will be a strong foundation for the rest of his life! The benefits of music in a person's life are numerous! From improved social skills, more confidence, to better math skills, and just a better outlook on life in general!

So...there are options.

To get the wheels turning, here are some ideas of ways you can make it work:

Christmas or birthday gifts for the kids from grandparents! What could be a better gift than music?!

Trading skills. What can you do? I'd love a cleaner house, a landscaping job, dinners on the night I teach, a pool service, bug service, etc.

So, Let's not let the economy keep us down, Let's Play Music!
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