Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sergei Prokofiev

The 3rd year Let's Play Music students are studying the music of Sergei Prokofiev this winter!
Sergei Prokofiev was a Ukrainian composer born in 1891.  Everyone around him could see what a great musician he was becoming.  By the age of 5, he wrote his first piece, called “Indian Gallop,” which was written down and saved by his mother.  She knew he would be famous one day!  
at the keyboard in 1900
At 11, he wrote his first symphony.  His family moved to Russia so he would have a better education.  When he was older, he spent time living in San Francisco and New York and Paris.  Each place he lived influenced how he wrote his music.  Not only famous as a composer, he was also an excellent piano player.  You can still find recordings he made on piano with the London Symphony Orchestra.  

One of his most famous works was something he wrote for children:  Peter and the Wolf.  

Our puppet show comes from his ballet, Romeo and Juliet, “Montagues and Capulets”. We call it "Monsters" as we listen to and act out the combined themes of Frankenstein, an Ogre, a dragon and more! 

Click here for a video of the ballet for this section of music!

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