Monday, February 20, 2012

Early Registration!

Early Registration begins on February 27th!

Guarantee your child's spot in a class!
Get first pick at your choice of class time!
AND get $5 off the deposit!

Early Registration begins on February 27th and lasts for just 2 weeks until March 12th!

Fall 2012 class times

Sound Beginnings (parent with child, ages 2-4)
$35/month, 30 mins. once a week
9:00 AM Wednesdays
9:45 AM Wednesdays
10:30 AM Wednesdays
10:00 AM Tuesdays

Let's Play Music, 1st year classes (ages 4-5)
$45/month, 45 mins. once a week
1:00 PM Wednesdays
3:15 PM Wednesdays
4:15 PM Wednesdays

Let's Play Music, 2nd year classes
50 mins once a week
3:30 Fridays

Let's Play Music, 3rd year classes
55 mins once a week
3:30 PM Tuesdays
4:30 PM Tuesdays

Email me at misskendrasmusic(at) for a registration form or with any questions.
Come to a class for free! Click on the "schedule" tab for current class times.
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