Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Fun!

A post from the Let's Play Music BLOG-Making Musicians:

Halloween Coloring: Witches, Black Cats, Goblins, too!


We have a treat for you that won't cause cavities
- it's a Halloween coloring page.

Our Red semester Let's Play Music students are singing 
about witches, black cats, and goblins, too in our 
song, "Halloween is Coming".  To help you remember 
those tricky words, we've got a coloring page filled with 
those sneaky ghouls.  All will try to frighten you (but 
they won't be able to, will they?).  

Extend Your Vocal Range

This treat has a little trick, too- we trick the students into 
working out their vocals with all those ghostly howls.  The 
voice is an instrument and students improve with practice.  
For this song, they practice making the mouth, jaw, and 
throat shape that will help create better tones and reach 
higher notes.  Hint: yawn and pay attention to the position 
of those parts.  While holding that mouth-shape, we step 
our voice up and down with the melody of the song- an 
excellent exercise for voice control and pitch-matching.

Read and Compose at Home

All semesters of Let's Play Music students can enjoy 
more fun exercises for sight-reading on bells or piano.  Here 
are the same Halloween pals to download and cut out.  
They're round so you can use them as notes on a homemade 
staff.  Make a major scale!  Create a melody for bells!  Quiz 
each other on steps, skips, and intervals!  And finally, have a 
safe and fun Halloween.

The 5 fat turkeys are already looking forward to 
Thanksgiving, so they snuck in there.

-Gina Weibel, M.S.
Let's Play Music teacher

Thank you Gina!!

A little extra Halloween fun for you Sound Beginnings families who have been mastering the concept of 5 and five fingers - 5 Little Pumpkins: 

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