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Happy New Year! Newsletter

Miss Kendra's January email newsletter has been sent!

-See what a 2nd year LPM student can do by December. 
-Sign up for a FREE Sound Beginnings class for your 2-4 year-old.
-Music's power to reach children.
-Register now for Sound Beginnings classes starting January 14th.

Happy New Year!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying some family time! Did your kids get any fun music toys from Santa? My children got a giant piano floor mat! I woke up Christmas morning to my son playing Carol of the Bells with his feet! Haha.
We wrapped up our last few classes with lots of fun! My first year LPM students are now reading music and playing on the bells! My 2nd year students (ages 5,6) are now able to play hundreds of songs using the 3 chords they've learned in the right hand! Here's a sweet video of 2nd year student, Maddy, somewhere in the U.S., singing Silent Night and accompanying herself on the piano. It's on facebook so hopefully you can see it :)

2nd Year Let's Play Music student accompanies herself while singing Silent Night

Do any of you LPM parents have video or photos of music happenings by your children? If you want, you can share them on facebook
My 3rd year students played Jingle Bells with hands together, in two different keys and can transpose it to minor with ease! Lots of great things happening in my studio and at their homes!!

Sound Beginnings Classes start January 14th!

If you have a child who is 2, 3, or 4 years old, he's ready for Sound Beginnings!


If you plan to be in the Gold Stars class starting in January, please click here to register and mail in your deposit of $35 (+$5 for extra instrument, +$10 for extra workbook).

It's going to be another great semester of fun, learning, and bonding! Along with the many musical skills and concepts we will be learning, we will also focus on the following:
  • DO Pentachordal Scale
  • Letter Sounds
  • Telling Time
  • Addition and Subtraction to 8
  • Numbers 1-10
  • The Planets
  • Patterns
The Gold Stars class is loaded with research-based activities that will engage your child in learning music and preschool skills!
I look forward to the new semester with my returning families and new families to share these experiences with! Please forward this email to your friends! Contact me with any questions you have! 

Kendra Flake


Come to a FREE class

You are welcome to come with your child(ren) to experience a class in action and ask any questions you may have.

Click the image for a look into what you can expect from each class
Hope to see you soon!

Music's Power to Reach Children

A post from Let's Play Music's official blog

"Twenty minutes before my parent meeting in August of 2012, I had a pregnant mother, and friend of mine, call me and tell me that there were complications with her unborn daughter and it was going to be too much for their family to participate in Let's Play Music and take care of a sick infant.  There were a few tears and understanding words shared between us at which point I told her I would be happy to have her 5 year old son, Carson, participate if something changed." Continue Reading...

Benefits of a Music Education in Young Children

Researchers, teachers and parents are discovering that music education promotes:
  • Excellence in math
  • Increased ability to read
  • Enhanced brain functioning
  • Decreased learning and discipline problems
  • Better social skills
  • Superior communication skills

What are parents saying about Sound Beginnings classes?

"Sound Beginnings has exceeded my expectations. It packs so much into each half hour class with an understanding of what it takes to keep preschoolers engaged and interested in musical activities. I am convinced that [Sound Beginnings] and Let’s Play Music will lead my two young children to musical success." -Kristin C.

"I love the Sound Beginnings class for toddlers because it provides a fun, structured environment for my children to discover and learn music. The lessons are active and playful and involve singing, movement/dancing, musical stories, listening, puppet play, and much more. We have so much fun at the lessons, but best of all, we can continue having fun making music at home because we attend together." -Lisa S.

"I love how sweet Kendra is with all the students, her enthusiasm, and all the fun teaching tools and props. My child loves coming to class!"

"We love Ms. Kendra! She is so animated and fun. I love that my daughter is learning to carry a tune and keep rhythm. She loves playing the different instruments."

"I loved [Ms. Kendra's] enthusiasm and how she put so much energy and fun into the class each week. You could tell her passion for what she was doing and what it taught the kids."

More parents' voices on Ms. Kendra's blog:

Class Information -

Classes Held: Once a week for 15 lessons
Location: Signal Butte/Broadway
Classes Begin: January 14th and 15th
Class Duration: 30 minutes
Class Size: 4-9 children
Entry Age: 2-4 years old, (younger siblings may also attend)
Tuition: $140 for the semester. Monthly installment options available. Sibling discounts available.
Materials Deposit: $35 for the semester (4 months)
Parent Involvement: Attend class every week, play the CD and encourage class songs and activities at home.
To Register: click here, reply to this email, or call me: 480-577-7104

Student materials
  • Song & Activity CD – a different CD each semester full of songs, games and activities to enjoy in class and at home.
  • Student Workbook – each semester has a student book for use at home and in class each week. There are no homework assignments, just lots of games and activities to enjoy at home as often as you like.
  • Percussion Instrument – a different surprise each semester! Each is a high-quality simple percussion instrument.


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