Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sight-Reading Tricks for your little memorizer

Sight-reading is an important part of learning to play the piano.
Here are some things to do to inspire your young player to read notes!

COVER UP THE TITLE to the song so they won't know what piece it is right off the bat.

Hold a piano BOOK JUST OVER THE TOP OF THEIR HANDS (not touching them though) which blocks their view of their hands, then they have to use their sense of touch and their knowledge of the keyboard's geography to get them through the exercise/piece. It also forces them to "read" their music instead of looking at their hands.

Turn the book UPSIDE DOWN after he knows a piece and have him play the notes that way! It doesn't usually sound good, but he's reading!
Buy a couple EASY PIANO books that she would LOVE- like Disney Princess or something, and use that as a reward. She could use those to practice sight reading too.

Ask your child to start the song on THIS MEASURE RIGHT HERE (a random measure, NOT the beginning of the song.)
Memorizers can't easily start in the middle of the song, but the note-readers have no problem starting wherever you ask. Do this little game a lot and they'll have to really look at the notes!

They have the skills to sight-read, it's up to us to make sure they USE them so they can continue to develop the skill. 
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