Thursday, January 2, 2014

Practice Time Joys

Got to draw another picture together tonight! You wouldn't believe the moaning and whimpering that goes on during practice time sometimes! This time I knew it was because we haven't been consistent during the winter break. This is the ... eh hem... 3rd or 4th time we practiced in about 3 weeks. And it was showing. And he was NOT having fun. So I bit my tongue and brainstormed real quick about what to do to make it through the session. I didn't have to get too creative since we've used the draw a picture trick before. I saw a picture of space in another music book and decided that was it. I drew a little bit more with each successful attempt at a song. He was SO excited that I drew HIM flying the rocket and that was also HIM in the space suit. He thought it was awesome that I let him add a piece to it. He drew the moon. He wanted to keep going, but I was ready for bed time ;). Kids are so awesome :)

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