Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mahler: Symphony No1 2nd Mvmt

This is the last puppet show for my 3rd year students :( I'm sad I don't get to share any more puppet shows with the big kids. I've watched them learn and grow these past 3 years! Good news is, they have the love of classical music, the ear to hear themes and form, and the creativity to create stories with any piece of classical music they hear!

The Circus, as we call it, concludes the classical music study in Let's Play Music. It teaches ABA form as well as Introduction, Coda, and Bridge. You'll have to take LPM classes or ask one of the students to perform the show for you if you want to see the circus! Very fun piece!

Gustav Mahler

File:Photo of Gustav Mahler by Moritz Nähr 01.jpg

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