Thursday, May 15, 2014

Recital Memories 2014

Sound Beginnings - Gold Stars

ages 2-4
 Playing the rhythm of Starlight, Starbright on our finger cymbals
 We've got the rhythm of the hips!
 Skinamarink a dink a dink, I LOVE YOU!
 Revving up our rocket engines and getting ready to blast off to Jupitor in 3, 2, 1...
 Blast off!
Spinning on Jupitor!

1st Year Let's Play Music students

ages 4-6
 The Red Balloon teaches us the Major Scale in this darling song.
 We KNOW our primary chords inside and out!
Nice SOL solfege hands signs guys!
Demonstrating their mad bell playing skills!
These kids love classical music! Classical music puppet shows are our favorite part of class!
 Clapping rhythms is no big deal for these kids. It's fun!

2nd Year Let's Play Music Students

ages 5-7

 I love how these kids are making their pirate ship soar over the big wave in this classical piece. So fun!

3rd Year Let's Play Music students

ages 6-8
These kiddos wrote their own compositions to perform today! 

Kit Kat Keyboard "cake" was a big hit with the kids!

 Cade performs his song, "Rock and Roll."

It's been a WONDERFUL 3 years with my 3rd year students!!! I'll miss them like crazy!

I'll see the rest of you in August!! Have a wonderful summer! For ideas of how to spend your summer with some music activities, go the making musicians blog here:


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