Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What if every child had a music education from birth?

My kids' school, Patterson, has piloted a music program this year that has K-6 graders in music twice a week and 4-6 graders in band or orchestra AND choir. They're classes and not pull-out sessions. When I heard about it I was ecstatic! They provide scholarships and work with a lending program to help with instruments. This video explains why I'd be devastated if they didn't continue the program. What would the U.S. look like in 30 years if this whole generation of elementary school kids got a music education?

She talks about how music stimulates and uses 3 areas of the brain simultaneously and how the bridge between both hemispheres is thickened. How newborns use their music areas of the brain when listening to mom's voice, concluding that humans are musical from birth, and the music therefore just needs to be nurtured to develop a talented musician. She talks about how children who have a music education do well in school and have many opportunities for careers later in life. She talks about how much more beneficial it is when the children get the education before they're 7 years old. 

The video is about 17 minutes long, but it's a great reinforcer that music education is essential for all children. I love how she has summarized all the research from the last 20 years. Such good stuff! 

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