Meet Ms. Kendra

Hi, I'm Kendra! I live in Mesa, Arizona and am a certified Let's Play Music and Sound Beginnings instructor. My husband and I have four children ages 9, 6, 3, and 1. I have been playing music my whole life! I have an internal love for music and an understanding of the abundant benefits of a solid music education!

I received an AA in Music from Mesa Community College while I played my violin for the orchestra, continued piano lessons, voice classes, and guitar classes among other music classes, including theory. I then received a BA in Early Childhood Education Studies from Ottawa University. I found my dream job with Let's Play Music in 2005 and became a certified teacher in 2006!

I have such a joy for teaching and a love for each of my students! Each classroom experience is filled with learning and fun! If you have never seen a Let's Play Music or Sound Beginnings class in action and would like to, you are welcome to come and sample a class. Please contact me to schedule a visit or ask any questions you might have. I hope to meet you soon!


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