My students and their parents are finding joy in Let's Play Music classes!

Name one thing you love about Sound Beginnings with Miss Kendra:

Miss Kendra
I loved the songs that were taught in Sound Beginnings
I love how sweet Kendra is with all the students, her enthusiasm, and all the fun teaching tools and props. My child loves coming to class!
We love Ms Kendra! She is so anomated and fun. I love that my daughter is learning to carry a tune and keep rhythm. She loves playing the different instruments.
I loved my teacher's enthusiasm and how she put so much energy and fun into the class each week. You could tell her passion for what she was doing and what it taught the kids!

Let's Play Music Testimonials for Miss Kendra's studio:

My twin daughters' LPM teacher this year is Kendra Flake, and she ROCKS! She has been the best teacher for my girls.

I love Kimberly's teacher, Kendra Flake. She is amazing, and Kimberly comes home telling me about all the fun she has, and can't wait to do homework. If anything, she wants more homework :)

Love this program!

Everything has been great/fun. We are enjoying every class.

We are very happy with the program and the kids enjoy class and practice time.

My kids have learned so much more than I thought they could at their age. I've increased my musical knowledge too!

I love it. It helps my child concentrate on other things.

Teacher is awesome!

Great, positive teaching style!

As always, we love Let's Play Music and all it teaches.

I like class. I would recommend class and teacher.
We love you as a teacher.

Thanks Kendra! You Rock!

We enjoy it! Thanks-

Kendra is patient, kind, energetic, and very knowledgeable!

I love this program!

Kendra is a fun and great teacher. Our 1st experience has been great. She always keeps us informed. Such a great help. She's terrific.

We love LPM and all it teaches! We recommend it to all our friends.

Wonderful program, wonderful teacher!

Love class. You're awesome :)

Love the program!

My daughter is in Kendra Flake's class. This is her first year. We have had so much fun listening to the cd and doing the things she/we learn in class. My two year daughter loves doing it with us too. My daughter was shy at first but has now really gotten into it and is learning alot. It's great!

Our teacher is Kendra Flake in Mesa, AZ. We just love her and the Let's Play Music Class! The class is so fun and even the homework is fun! We love the time we get to spend together with our children. And, we love how they pick up on things and apply them...things we never new or noticed. Just this past Sunday at church our daughter pointed to the music and pointed out the intervals...2nds, 3rds, and 4ths! We love it! We can't recommend this class enough!


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Nationwide testimonials found on letsplaymusicsite.com
April 2013
"The Let's Play Music program is a fantastic way to get your child started in music. I have had 3 children in the program and each of them have excelled musically inside and outside of the class.The transition into piano lessons have been smooth and easy and the piano teacher feels that because of the training they received from LPM they have been her easiest students. My children now have a love and understanding of music they didn't have before because of how much fun and education they got from the LPM classes. It has helped them focus on their school work more effectively and their appreciation of different styles of music has helped them in their life. I can't say enough great things about the program, I would recommend it to anyone with children whether or not they are musically inclined or come from a musical background. There is so much value in what is taught for music and for life!
Ashley - Let's Play Music parent
Alicia Howard - Teacher
February 2013
Ability! It never ceases to amaze me how much my boys are learning in Let's Play Music. Besides the fact that we have such a wonderful teacher, I was impressed to see that some of the concepts that my third level boys were learning was the same as what my teenage boys are just learning in their piano books. The younger ones are going to be so much better prepared for their piano future because of the Let's Play Music program. We love it!!!!
Traci - Let's Play Music parent
Danicia Christensen - Teacher
January 2013
"CONFIDENCE!!! My 5 year old would hide behind me when the attention turned to him. The combination of the Let's Play Music way of teaching and our AWESOME instructor, Luke can actually play and sing just like his older brothers and sisters! Now he feels like a big kid. He even gives mini concerts at home and at school. After his last performance he walked off the stage after much applause and said, "I really liked that!" My husband is amazed at what Luke as learned and at what I, someone who has never played a musical instrument, has learned too.”
Brenda - Let's Play Music parent
Kim Seybolt - Teacher
December 2012
"My 7-yr-old son was very reluctant about going to a music class in the beginning. The first year of the program with him was very difficult because he convinced himself he didn't want to be there, but it was important to my husband and I that he stick with it and get some musical background at a young age. As he continued with the program, what a difference we've seen in his attitude. Now that he is learning to play the piano he's really enjoying the whole program. He is practicing on his own without being reminded. He asked me if he would get to do the third year and when I said yes, he got excited and said "Good, because I just have to admit that I like music!" Our teacher is such a fun instructor and she makes class time a great experience for the kids. Our family LOVES this program!"
Laurie- Let's Play Music parent
Kara Olson - Teacher